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Operation 'SAM ASH'... [Apr. 14th, 2005|10:38 pm]
[mood |surprisedEnergized]
[music |"Spirits in the Material World" - The Police]

Most of the guys in my cover band/jam group did a field trip to the local Sam Ash music store during lunch today.

I was pleasantly astonished at the sheer amount of musical equipment under one roof! Guitars as far as the eye could see (I would conservatively estimate at least 200 guitars alone).

Sadly, the bass section was squirreled away in the back by the store-room entrance - although they did have a pretty good selection of basses (probably 50) including an 8 string 'extreme' bass (the fingerboard was at least 4" wide where the neck attaches to the body). They had some Mexican Fender Jazz basses that looked sweet. I got the guy at the counter to power up an amp for me and I ran a few bass lines through the Fender...nice sound - but I could get the same basic sound out of my present bass...no hurry to buy anything now. The amp I was using boomed out the bass and had a very solid low-end (it had a 15" speaker like my combo at home).

Afterwards I asked one of the guys (who was a newb on guitar himself) how he liked my playing. He said, "I liked it, but it sounded like alot of repetition..." Well - DUH - someone has to keep the groove going while you thrash around out of time and out of tune...hehehe. Of course I didn't say that. But then, when I complained about the small selection of basses in comparison to the stable of guitars, I got a "nobody plays bass anyway..." from the veteran players. I warned them that there was a good reason the bass guitar is called an axe - and I wouldn't be adverse to making mine live up to its name during rehearsal next time... ;)

Some of the guys are excellent guitarists (I'm a newb in comparison) - and did some amazing things with a Marshall 15 watt combo amp and a Fender Telecaster/ Gretsch(sic) hollowbody...I've never heard 'Crazy Train' from a hollowbody before - or a raggae version for that matter!!

Some of the guys were looking for specific guitars, and others were just there to try out as many as they could. The store owner made a flippant remark about a 'convention being in town'...another guy said 'its amazing what music comes out of some people - you wouldn't know it by looking at them'...in reference to my clean-cut pardner and his love of heavy-metal.

After awhile they put up some velvet ropes infront of the 'expensive' guitars. That didn't stop the guys from grabbing a few more to 'test' by reaching over the ropes...lol Some of the group were a bit put-off by it - but they remained civil; we were not thrown out of the place, at least.

I'm itching to jam with live human beings...I almost had a session for this weekend with one of the guys - but had to drop due to my daughter's art show - in Houston this Saturday (he was available Saturday - but not Sunday - and me visa-versa). Ostensibly we will have our first session with the full group the following Saturday (23rd April). There is nothing like playing with others to polish your playing imho.

I played my bass an 1 1/2 hours tonight - scales and finger excersizes out the wazoo - as well as a run of our cover songs. Fingers ache good.