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My oldest takes home a medal from the state finals. [Apr. 17th, 2005|10:20 pm]
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My Daughter won a medal at the state competition Saturday!

Of the 1300+ entries at state, she won one of 136 'Superior' ratings. They also selected about 30 or so 'Gold' ratings out of that group to go on to represent the state's very best. Sadly she did not win Gold - but being picked as the top 136 out of 20,000+ entries (from all the entries at regionals all over the state) is nothing to sneeze at either.

She is the only person who won a medal at state from her school this year. In the next few weeks she will be presented to our district's school board during their next meeting.

The state competition was also an opportunity for the students to attend various workshops, as well as make contacts with art professors from various universities. She also met some new friends who share her own passion for art in neighboring schools (we want her to expand her horizons more).