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Wooohooo!!! I made it to 41! [Apr. 21st, 2005|10:55 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |"Red Rain" - Peter Gabriel, "Heavy Metal" - Sammy Hagar]

I'm 41 as of a few days ago. I'm ecstatic. Can't you tell?

Fiesta is in full swing in San Antonio - Battle of Flowers Parade is tomorrow; kids are off from school. My wife's cousin owns a house at the end of the parade route - so they're going to get a frontrow seat to watch the fat marching band kids pass out prostrate on the ground in a lather. I must say that I was also a marching band kid, but skinny as a rail and all muscle, lean and bronzed in the sun, blond hair bleached a butter toffee gold.

Sadly I will have to miss the 'fun'. I am greedily hoarding my remaining vacation days for my parent's visit during my oldest daughter's graduation week. They are traversing the Eastern half of the continent to see their eldest grandchild graduate the abomination that is the public school system.

My poor darling (the eldest) is so very brainwashed. She wrote an excellent paper comparing and contrasting two poems on the subject of Helen of Troy. Her teacher struck out the word 'Nevertheless' and inserted 'However,' at the beginning of a sentence. I pointed out to her that she was correct and the teacher was wrong, "trust yourself" I said. She wanted to argue with me, defending her teachers to the end, "they have been teaching me this for years, they wouldn't teach us the wrong thing". This even after I pointed out to her the proper usage of 'however' in my Strunk & White 'Elements of Style'. Her retort: "that book is old - it doesn't have the latest usage". RIGHT - this from a girl who doesn't even own a book on usage and won't touch the many volumes I possess. I know I'm hard on her sometimes - but its what breathes life into her art. Who wants a vanilla personality at 17 anyway? I figure when she hits 30 she'll come around - of course I'll probably be dead by then.

I am the same fellow who said, at 21, that I didn't think I would live past 29, and continued variations of this treatise up to the present, incorporating all sorts of reasons why it was probable that I would not make it. I've been close to making it come true on several occasions (taking off downwind at an airport where the runway descended toward a ridge capped by high-tension power lines, doing a down-wind touch and go after mis-reading the windsock - with a King-Air in the opposing pattern on his downwind leg, almost running an m113 APC off a 50 foot cliff, stopping a combat engineer from inserting an un-shunted electrical blasting cap into a 30 lb shaped charge...etc...) but somehow manage to pull it out in the end. Of course the reaper will have his day one day.

In the meantime I will continue to learn the Bass, write computer programs, blog, walk, eat, love, sing, fly kites, cut the grass, write, compose, get speeding tickets (but only one every 5 years or so), read books (working on 'The Scarlet Pimpernel' atm), piss off the salesman at the Sam Ash music store, sleep, train the dog, meditate, and teach my children as best I can. I guess that is living.

Okay - enough BS.